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3 Best Home Remedies for Mending a Toothache

Have you ever encountered waking up in the midst of the night due to an excruciating pain because of a toothache? Do you remember those times when you can’t do anything but endure the pain since there is no doctor available right at that point unless you bring yourself to an emergency room? Check this information I have. There are home remedies that can ease the pain of your toothache if you’re caught up in a situation like that. These remedies are not just based on myths because it works.

1. Garlic


Garlic is more than just a cooking ingredient. It contains natural antibiotic that can lessen the pain. You can go ahead and chew at least two cloves of garlic to get rid of the pain. If you’re not comfortable eating it, you can crush a clove of garlic together with a table salt. Once it’s done, just apply it on the affected part, and you’re ready to go.

2. Onion


I’m not trying to give a food recipe, but yes, you read that right. Onions can help you get rid of a toothache due to the natural antimicrobial and antiseptic properties it contains. It will get rid of those germs that are worsening the infection that causes the pain. You just have to chew it for a few minutes or cut some and put it in your mouth. Onions can absorb bacteria real fast so you’ll be pain-free in a matter of few minutes.

3. Vanilla


Vanilla Extract is great for toothaches. If you have a vanilla extract at home, it’s like having anesthesia in your medicine cabinet. It helps you feel numb from the pain. It is a natural pain reliever whereas you don’t need any prescriptions. Just get a swab and dip it on the vanilla extract then rub it on the affected tooth.

Now that you know about those three magic remedies make sure you always have those three stocked up at your cupboard. You never know when your tooth will betray you. It is better if you are prepared.

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