Cosmetics and the Lasting Effect on Your Skin

Cosmetics have become the need of time these days. Rather than being a luxury product, cosmetics are being used daily and essentially by most of us before we go out. A basic reason for this is the fact that with more hectic lifestyles, we are more inclined to resort to quick solutions to fix most of our skin problems such as scars, acne, or pimples and to enhance our features to look good and feel confident.

Makers of these beauty products claim to have conducted a thorough research and testing before introducing any makeup product in the market; but most of the times, these companies compromise on quality to be able to accomplish their profit goals, thus including less-costly harmful chemical ingredients in these products to reduce the overall cost so as to increase their profit margins. Even the most recommended and highly trusted cosmetic brands are never completely harmless and do cause damaging effects on the skin and hair as they are not as completely natural as they claim to be. Say for example, the best eyeliner for waterline might give you a drop-dead gorgeous and dramatic look, but it can also cause irritation and infection in the eye unless it is used properly and then removed completely before sleep.

Implications of Unnecessary Dependency on Cosmetic Products

People strongly believe that unless they do not use cosmetics, they will not look pretty. They are actually addicted to these products such as the best eyeliner for waterline and desperately dependent on them to look attractive. Some people would even miss out on important occasions if their cosmetics are not available with them. However, we must realize the fact that we all have been created beautiful in our authentic and natural form and do not actually need to rely on these products to make ourselves look better, particularly at the cost of harmful and irreversible effects on our skin and body. Moreover, a better alternative to look naturally beautiful would be to go for home remedies, which may require a long-term consistent use, but will yield spectacular permanent solutions to all your skin problems.

Damaged Hair

Thinning and falling of hair along with redness and irritation in scalp and even chronic dandruff are the harmful effects of various hair styling sprays and gels which are commonly used by many individuals. These conditioners, hair colors, and serums might make you feel cool and look eye-catching but can cause severe damage to scalp skin and sometimes permanent discoloration of hair.

Skin Infections

With the use of fairness creams, foundations, sun blocks and sunscreen lotions, skin diseases have become a common problem. Damage to the skin and particularly facial skin has become a serious torture and can hamper the confidence of anyone. And it turns out to be even worse when it becomes a topic of discussion among social gatherings, making the individuals feel extremely embarrassed.

Harmful For Eyes

People, who use mascaras, kohl liners, eye shadows for bringing out their best features to get an iconic look, are unaware of the harmful effects of these products for their eyes. Chemicals present in these cosmetics can result in damaging effects such as thinning and falling of eyelashes, redness and infections in the eye and at times might cause blindness.

Early Aging

Prolonged use of makeup and beauty products can damage your skin causing pigmentation, acne, pimples, wrinkles and other early signs of aging.  The producers of these products then offer solutions in the form of anti-aging creams to make more profits. Beware of these repercussions and avoid using these products on a regular basis.


Headaches and dizziness is a common condition that comes along with prolonged use of heavy makeup on skin. It is because these products contain certain harmful ingredients leading to a state of unconsciousness.

Therefore, it is advised to both men and women to choose wearing a lighter layer of makeup at occasions or to use only top of the brand products such as the best eyeliner for Waterline, so that they can avoid worse implications of beauty products on skin and overall health.

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