What Does it Take to be a Man?

Men’s Online Health Magazine

The idea of manhood can be a polarizing topic. Although Dr. Sigmund Freud wrote that man is driven by sex and aggression, manhood is not just about having the largest muscles or the highest number of “sexual conquests”.

A men’s online health magazine will tell you everything you need to know about being a man inside and out. You don’t have to be afraid to ask because some men’s online health magazines publish content where nothing is off- limits!

The best part about it is you can search for information without having to leave your home. Many health magazines are accessible by mobile gadgets. You can search and read up on the topic that interests you from your favorite coffee shop.

So what does it take to be a man? Here are the popular topics you will often find in a men’s health magazine.

Popular Topics in a Men’s Online Health Magazine

  1. Exercise – Feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your current workout? A men’s online health magazine features a variety of workouts for you to choose from.

The workouts range from bodyweight training to free weights to high- tech machines. These workouts remove all the guesswork inside the gym. It comes complete with tips, tricks and a month long program designed by a Personal Trainer.

Every issue will feature a different workout program and these are usually arranged to have routines for beginners, intermediates and advanced trainers.

  1. Diet – Nutrition is widely regarded as the most important component of a healthy lifestyle.

Men’s health magazines feature different types of diets to cater to specific body types and fitness objectives. These diets are supported by scientific information to help you validate your choices.

Best of all, they take you through a step- by- step process on how to design a daily meal plan that fits your needs. This includes macronutrient and calorie information, portion sizes and recipes.

  1. Sex – Of course men want to look better and get healthier because they want to be attractive and get lucky! Sex may be a fun activity but it does have its share of problems which men may be embarrassed to talk about.

Some of these problems may include:

Men can get all the information they need to find solutions to their problems in an online health magazine.

  1. Health Tips – A men’s health magazine will also feature the latest findings and research from science to help you live better and longer. Among the usual tidbits are:
  • Best foods to eat
  • Most effective vitamins and minerals
  • How to use supplements
  • How to get quality sleep every night
  • Best ways to manage stress
  • Improve mental health
  • Ideal time for exercise

Don’t be confused if you find content with conflicting information. For example, you may find articles that are for and against alcohol consumption. The purpose is to present you both sides of the discussion so you can make an educated decision.

  1. Personalities – Men’s health magazines will run features on popular personalities such as actors, athletes and singers. In addition to generating more readers, people also want to know how celebrities and champion athletes keep themselves healthy and fit all the time.

Readers may be surprised to know that even these wealthy movie stars do not eat lavish, expensive and rich food all the time. Many take the time to formulate their diets according to their nutritional requirements.

For superstar athletes, it gives them a forum to share that in an industry rocked by drug scandals, you can perform at your best simply by staying true to a healthy meal plan.

Some men’s online health magazines will also include topics on fashion, technology, footwear and psychology.

There are online magazines that will capitalize on sex and highlight personal topics. These include graphic titles like “What women want in a man”, “How to be great in bed” and “How to keep your woman satisfied” because as the old media saying goes, “sex sells”.

Perhaps Dr. Sigmund Freud was right!


How to know if your beauty products are tested on animals

How to know if your beauty products are tested on animals

Today many companies rely on animal testing to ensure their products are safe for humans. Yet, concerns about extreme cruelty are growing and cosmetics companies are making a shift towards cruelty-free products. Yet, how do you know that your best liquid lipstick has not been tested on animals? If you are conscious about what products you buy, maybe you already have an idea about which companies’ products to avoid, but for those of you, who are new to this, the following advice will be of interest.

Be aware that companies use third-party ingredients, which may be animal-tested only by the third party, but not by your company of choice. This is a huge loophole in the system as it brings more controversy to the table.

Another concern is misleading labeling of products. It’s very common that one ingredient of the cosmetics product was tested on animals, but the final combination of all ingredients wasn’t. Companies take advantage of that and label the product “cruelty free” or “not tested on animals”.

Yet a third problem are the seemingly insignificant ingredients, hiding behind names like Keratin, Retinol, Lecithin, Casein, Lactic Acid, etc. All these ingredients are animal by-products like blood, saliva, animal protein, animal fat, etc.

So, you may ask yourself how to be 100% sure that your beauty products are cruelty free. There are five easy ways to spot cosmetics not tested on animals.

First of all, look for the label “Vegan”. Vegan always implies that none of the ingredients in the product were derived from or tested on animals. Another clear-cut sign is the Leaping Bunny logo. The Leaping Bunny project ensures that a list of brands are cruelty-free and only after close inspection, the bunny logo is added to the product’s label.

These are possibly the three easiest steps for you to take. The rest lies in your hands. Many users spend a lot of time researching online databases, resources, articles and lists of cruelty-free companies, which are often updated with the latest news.

Also, be always on the look-out – you never know if your favorite brand has decided to change some ingredients. If the updated formula hasn’t yet been tested for cruelty-free ingredients, you may want to be vigilant.

In addition, you can download cruelty-free apps like “Cruelty Cutter”, “Leaping Bunny App”, “Bunny Free App (PETA)” and “Choose Cruelty Free App”. You can scan the product’s barcode and the app will immediately display the information you need to have. Keep in mind that some apps may show different data, so don’t rely on one app only. Some more reliable apps may cost you $2.99.

Finally, even though it may seem way too simple, we advise that you call the cosmetics company. Showing that you care to use cruelty-free cosmetics will put some pressure on it. The more pressure for products not tested on animals, the higher the chances for change in the industry. There is no guarantee that the company representative will answer in full honesty, yet it is worth the try.


Cosmetics and the Lasting Effect on Your Skin

Cosmetics have become the need of time these days. Rather than being a luxury product, cosmetics are being used daily and essentially by most of us before we go out. A basic reason for this is the fact that with more hectic lifestyles, we are more inclined to resort to quick solutions to fix most of our skin problems such as scars, acne, or pimples and to enhance our features to look good and feel confident.

Makers of these beauty products claim to have conducted a thorough research and testing before introducing any makeup product in the market; but most of the times, these companies compromise on quality to be able to accomplish their profit goals, thus including less-costly harmful chemical ingredients in these products to reduce the overall cost so as to increase their profit margins. Even the most recommended and highly trusted cosmetic brands are never completely harmless and do cause damaging effects on the skin and hair as they are not as completely natural as they claim to be. Say for example, the best eyeliner for waterline might give you a drop-dead gorgeous and dramatic look, but it can also cause irritation and infection in the eye unless it is used properly and then removed completely before sleep.

Implications of Unnecessary Dependency on Cosmetic Products

People strongly believe that unless they do not use cosmetics, they will not look pretty. They are actually addicted to these products such as the best eyeliner for waterline and desperately dependent on them to look attractive. Some people would even miss out on important occasions if their cosmetics are not available with them. However, we must realize the fact that we all have been created beautiful in our authentic and natural form and do not actually need to rely on these products to make ourselves look better, particularly at the cost of harmful and irreversible effects on our skin and body. Moreover, a better alternative to look naturally beautiful would be to go for home remedies, which may require a long-term consistent use, but will yield spectacular permanent solutions to all your skin problems.

Damaged Hair

Thinning and falling of hair along with redness and irritation in scalp and even chronic dandruff are the harmful effects of various hair styling sprays and gels which are commonly used by many individuals. These conditioners, hair colors, and serums might make you feel cool and look eye-catching but can cause severe damage to scalp skin and sometimes permanent discoloration of hair.

Skin Infections

With the use of fairness creams, foundations, sun blocks and sunscreen lotions, skin diseases have become a common problem. Damage to the skin and particularly facial skin has become a serious torture and can hamper the confidence of anyone. And it turns out to be even worse when it becomes a topic of discussion among social gatherings, making the individuals feel extremely embarrassed.

Harmful For Eyes

People, who use mascaras, kohl liners, eye shadows for bringing out their best features to get an iconic look, are unaware of the harmful effects of these products for their eyes. Chemicals present in these cosmetics can result in damaging effects such as thinning and falling of eyelashes, redness and infections in the eye and at times might cause blindness.

Early Aging

Prolonged use of makeup and beauty products can damage your skin causing pigmentation, acne, pimples, wrinkles and other early signs of aging.  The producers of these products then offer solutions in the form of anti-aging creams to make more profits. Beware of these repercussions and avoid using these products on a regular basis.


Headaches and dizziness is a common condition that comes along with prolonged use of heavy makeup on skin. It is because these products contain certain harmful ingredients leading to a state of unconsciousness.

Therefore, it is advised to both men and women to choose wearing a lighter layer of makeup at occasions or to use only top of the brand products such as the best eyeliner for Waterline, so that they can avoid worse implications of beauty products on skin and overall health.