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How to know if your beauty products are tested on animals

How to know if your beauty products are tested on animals

How to know if your beauty products are tested on animals


Today many companies rely on animal testing to ensure their products are safe for humans. Yet, concerns about extreme cruelty are growing and cosmetics companies are making a shift towards cruelty-free products. Yet, how do you know that your best liquid lipstick has not been tested on animals? If you are conscious about what products you buy, maybe you already have an idea about which companies’ products to avoid, but for those of you, who are new to this, the following advice will be of interest.

Be aware that companies use third-party ingredients, which may be animal-tested only by the third party, but not by your company of choice. This is a huge loophole in the system as it brings more controversy to the table.

Another concern is misleading labeling of products. It’s very common that one ingredient of the cosmetics product was tested on animals, but the final combination of all ingredients wasn’t. Companies take advantage of that and label the product “cruelty free” or “not tested on animals”.

Yet a third problem are the seemingly insignificant ingredients, hiding behind names like Keratin, Retinol, Lecithin, Casein, Lactic Acid, etc. All these ingredients are animal by-products like blood, saliva, animal protein, animal fat, etc.

So, you may ask yourself how to be 100% sure that your beauty products are cruelty free. There are five easy ways to spot cosmetics not tested on animals.

First of all, look for the label “Vegan”. Vegan always implies that none of the ingredients in the product were derived from or tested on animals. Another clear-cut sign is the Leaping Bunny logo. The Leaping Bunny project ensures that a list of brands are cruelty-free and only after close inspection, the bunny logo is added to the product’s label.

These are possibly the three easiest steps for you to take. The rest lies in your hands. Many users spend a lot of time researching online databases, resources, articles and lists of cruelty-free companies, which are often updated with the latest news.

Also, be always on the look-out – you never know if your favorite brand has decided to change some ingredients. If the updated formula hasn’t yet been tested for cruelty-free ingredients, you may want to be vigilant.

In addition, you can download cruelty-free apps like “Cruelty Cutter”, “Leaping Bunny App”, “Bunny Free App (PETA)” and “Choose Cruelty Free App”. You can scan the product’s barcode and the app will immediately display the information you need to have. Keep in mind that some apps may show different data, so don’t rely on one app only. Some more reliable apps may cost you $2.99.

Finally, even though it may seem way too simple, we advise that you call the cosmetics company. Showing that you care to use cruelty-free cosmetics will put some pressure on it. The more pressure for products not tested on animals, the higher the chances for change in the industry. There is no guarantee that the company representative will answer in full honesty, yet it is worth the try.

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Women’s Online Health Magazine: Everything a Woman Needs to Know

Women’s Online Health Magazine

Women’s Online Health Magazine: Everything a Woman Needs to Know

A women’s online health magazine features identical content as a men’s online health magazine but written in a much lighter tone. There is a noticeable difference in feel; perhaps because men are driven by the more aggressive hormone, testosterone.

Many of the topics are identical but written from an entirely different perspective. Is this because “Men are from Mars and Women from Venus”?

Well, men and women are from Earth. They just have different concerns and points of view on common issues.

So what issues concern women? Here are the topics you will typically find in a women’s online health magazine:

  1. Exercise – The exercises featured in a women’s health magazine are more specific. These are workout programs that target the usual problem areas for women: legs, thighs, buttocks, arms and midsection.

The workout programs are designed to burn fat or tone muscle. Many of its readers are career women, those who work at home, have families or stay- at- home Moms.

The routines must be short and simple enough that they can be done at home. Articles on bodyweight exercises, Yoga, Pilates and home- gym type workouts are most commonly featured in a women’s health magazine.

The exercises are complete with tips and a sample 30- day program from the featured personal trainer.

  1. Diet – A women’s health magazine will publish different types of diets but most of them will focus on weight loss or maintenance.

This is because women are more prone to suffer from body image issues. Women’s health magazines will touch on the psychological aspect of weight gain and actively discourage women from using drastic, extreme measures.

The articles will present smart diet strategies as alternatives. This includes learning to make healthier food choices and coping with their fear of eating.

  1. Health/ Wellness – Women are very conscious about their overall health and wellness because they are at high risk of acquiring certain diseases such as breast and ovarian cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Women’s health magazines regularly present the latest from the world of medicine that address these issues.

In addition, the health magazine will also publish tips on the following areas of interest:

  • Skin and hair care
  • Detoxification
  • Effects of aging
  • Post- Partum Depression
  • Eating disorders
  1. Fashion – Women often say “shopping is a girl’s best friend”. In a roundtable discussion among women, fashion will always be part of the conversation.

Women are always looking into the latest designs, trends and style innovations in the world of fashion.

Among the fashion topics that are routinely featured in a women’s health magazine are:

  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Clothes
  • Active Wear
  • Accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Perfume
  • Hair and Make Up

Why is fashion healthy for women? It makes them feel beautiful and as many women will attest to, shopping for fashion is an effective stress reliever.

  1. Sex – Click unto an online women’s health magazine and study the home page carefully.

If you see the word “Sex” or any of its variations, chances are the title will allude to exercise or a specific mindset. For example, “How to Look Sexy at the Beach” or “How to Defend Yourself Against Sexual Assault”.

You will hardly, if any at all, find overt content on sex as you would in a men’s health magazine.

Most of the adult content in women’s health magazines focus more on relationship issues such as:

  • How to deal with a break up
  • What to do if he’s cheating on you
  • How to know if he is “the one”
  • How to keep a relationship happy
  • Why you shouldn’t give “it” up

The content clearly reflects the difference in perspectives of men and women toward sex.

  1. Personalities – Women’s health magazines also feature popular personalities from actors to singers and athletes. In addition to having more clicks, likes and shares, it gives readers insights on how celebrities view health and fitness.

Content will publish the workouts and diet programs of celebrities who are reputed for their bodies as well as healthy lifestyles.

The articles are also intended to inspire readers. They realize even well- paid entertainers and athletes have to put in the work and make sacrifices in order to look good and perform at their best.

There are women’s health magazines that will include articles on cooking, career and business, finance, time management and personal development.

Over the years, content on women’s health magazines has been evolving to accommodate the growing significance of women in society. Women are filling out powerful roles in government, key positions in business and many are becoming iconic figures in different industries.

Today’s woman has transcended the stereo- type; there is no more “weaker sex”. Women have become as successful and influential as men in society and the health magazines reflect that.

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What Does it Take to be a Man?

Men’s Online Health Magazine

What Does it Take to be a Man?

The idea of manhood can be a polarizing topic. Although Dr. Sigmund Freud wrote that man is driven by sex and aggression, manhood is not just about having the largest muscles or the highest number of “sexual conquests”.

A men’s online health magazine will tell you everything you need to know about being a man inside and out. You don’t have to be afraid to ask because some men’s online health magazines publish content where nothing is off- limits!

The best part about it is you can search for information without having to leave your home. Many health magazines are accessible by mobile gadgets. You can search and read up on the topic that interests you from your favorite coffee shop.

So what does it take to be a man? Here are the popular topics you will often find in a men’s health magazine.

Popular Topics in a Men’s Online Health Magazine

  1. Exercise – Feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your current workout? A men’s online health magazine features a variety of workouts for you to choose from.

The workouts range from bodyweight training to free weights to high- tech machines. These workouts remove all the guesswork inside the gym. It comes complete with tips, tricks and a month long program designed by a Personal Trainer.

Every issue will feature a different workout program and these are usually arranged to have routines for beginners, intermediates and advanced trainers.

  1. Diet – Nutrition is widely regarded as the most important component of a healthy lifestyle.

Men’s health magazines feature different types of diets to cater to specific body types and fitness objectives. These diets are supported by scientific information to help you validate your choices.

Best of all, they take you through a step- by- step process on how to design a daily meal plan that fits your needs. This includes macronutrient and calorie information, portion sizes and recipes.

  1. Sex – Of course men want to look better and get healthier because they want to be attractive and get lucky! Sex may be a fun activity but it does have its share of problems which men may be embarrassed to talk about.

Some of these problems may include:

Men can get all the information they need to find solutions to their problems in an online health magazine.

  1. Health Tips – A men’s health magazine will also feature the latest findings and research from science to help you live better and longer. Among the usual tidbits are:
  • Best foods to eat
  • Most effective vitamins and minerals
  • How to use supplements
  • How to get quality sleep every night
  • Best ways to manage stress
  • Improve mental health
  • Ideal time for exercise

Don’t be confused if you find content with conflicting information. For example, you may find articles that are for and against alcohol consumption. The purpose is to present you both sides of the discussion so you can make an educated decision.

  1. Personalities – Men’s health magazines will run features on popular personalities such as actors, athletes and singers. In addition to generating more readers, people also want to know how celebrities and champion athletes keep themselves healthy and fit all the time.

Readers may be surprised to know that even these wealthy movie stars do not eat lavish, expensive and rich food all the time. Many take the time to formulate their diets according to their nutritional requirements.

For superstar athletes, it gives them a forum to share that in an industry rocked by drug scandals, you can perform at your best simply by staying true to a healthy meal plan.

Some men’s online health magazines will also include topics on fashion, technology, footwear and psychology.

There are online magazines that will capitalize on sex and highlight personal topics. These include graphic titles like “What women want in a man”, “How to be great in bed” and “How to keep your woman satisfied” because as the old media saying goes, “sex sells”.

Perhaps Dr. Sigmund Freud was right!

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How to Start Your Own Online Health Magazine

How to Start Your Own Online Health Magazine

How to Start Your Own Online Health Magazine

If you are passionate about health and fitness, you could share your advocacy and have a successful business as a proprietor of an online health magazine.

Everyday 3.3 Billion people are searching for content on the Internet. A study by technology company Synthesio showed that “health” is the most searched topic online.

People read online health magazines for a variety of reasons:

  • Conduct research
  • Read up on a health condition
  • Improve knowledge on a specific health issue
  • Solicit ideas for a health and fitness program
  • General interest

Thus, your online health magazine can cater to people who share the dame interest but have different needs.

Why an Online Health Magazine?

An online health magazine is better and more effective than a blog because you can publish a larger volume of content, use different media to deliver content and have a wider range of areas to cover.

It will allow also you to distribute content more efficiently by linking your blog page to different online channels. These include social media networks and community blog sites.

Finally, an online health magazine gives you a venue to monetize the level of interest your content generates. It becomes the termination point for all the inbound traffic your content has created. You can have a sub-page which sells health products or consultation services.

What are Your Goals?

Before you start working on your online health magazine, you should first determine your goals.

Goal setting is an effective way to stay focused and motivated on any planned venture. Your goals have to represent your purpose. Collectively, purpose- driven goals will help define your vision for the online health magazine. Your vision will chart the course for the direction of the magazine.

In order to be successful, your goals must be realistic and attainable. If you are publishing an online health magazine for the first time, you could have the following 3 goals:

  1. Perfectly functioning website.
  2. Produce consistently great content.
  3. 2,500 followers after the first month.

These are realistic goals that are complementary to one another. If people have an easy time accessing your website, they will be able to read your content. If you are able to produce consistently great content, you will attract more followers.

What is Your Niche?

There are many types of online health magazines that cater to specific niches. Among these niches are:

  • Natural Healing
  • Supplements
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Strength and Muscle Building
  • Healthy Cooking and Eating
  • Mental Health and Spiritual Wellness

Identifying your niche is not always that easy. You might arrive at a conundrum: “Should I write on what I am passionate about or should I write about what makes money?”

You could take a step- by- step approach in determining your niche:

  1. What are you passionate about? – When you write on a topic that you are passionate about, it will show in your style of writing. For example, your area of interest in health is “Cardiovascular Health”. You can draw up a series of topics such as:
  • Exercises
  • Diet
  • Nutrition
  • Supplementation
  • Scientific Research
  • Injury and Rehabilitation

These topics will open up your online health magazine to a variety of readers with specific interests.

  1. What topics interest my audience? – Simple keyword research will help you uncover which topics elicit the highest number of readers. You can use the keywords to optimize your content and make them more searchable online.
  1. How do I reach my audience? – Generating revenue comes down to marketing and distributing content. Keep in mind that there are 3.3 Billion people online everyday and 14% are looking for health- related content. That’s a market size of 462,000,000 who may potentially access your content.

Create a Ton of Content


Lack of content has led to the demise of many online magazines. This is why you should write about topics you are passionate about.

Even when your “well of knowledge” is drying up, passion will move you to conduct more research about your niche and related topics. It will not require much time to do research. 1 to 2 hours every day can yield a treasure trove of new ideas.

Set aside a time of day where you will do nothing else but write. Writing content should be one of your specific goals. Perhaps you can set a goal of writing 4 new blogs or articles every day.

You may want to consider hiring a second writer. He or she will not only create new material. The second writer can free up some of your time so you can work on the business aspects of your online health magazine. For example, getting suppliers for the products you plan to sell online.

Plan Your Development Time- Table

As discussed earlier, marketing and promotion will help you monetize your content.

Marketing and promotion activities should launch as early as the development process. The pages, images and content of your online health magazine should be optimized. This means you should hire a Search Engine Optimization or SEO expert to work with your website developer.

Next, you have to determine the channels of content distribution. Social media and health-interest community blog sites are great avenues to deliver content. Your development time-table will influence the volume and frequency of content writing for the website.

An online health magazine is a great business venture not only because it provides you a platform to share your interests and monetize content at the same time. But it is a sustainable business because your content can be recycled and re-used, there is no paper wastage and it will benefit many communities.

Thus an online health magazine is a business that is aligned with your values, purpose and vision!

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3 Tips on How You Can Get a Flat Tummy in No Time?

When we are trying to lose weight, I know you would all agree that there is one part of our body that needs a lot of work when it comes to losing fats. It is our tummy. In a month or two, I have lost the extra pound from my arms and even my thighs, but my belly doesn’t seem to agree with me. With all the diet and exercises my tummy is like telling me that the fats are not going anywhere. The good thing is, I found several ways to get a flat stomach as quick as possible. Let me share those ideas with you.

1. Fiber

If you intake a lot of fiber, it will eventually make you stuffed. Aside from that, it will also give you faster metabolism. If you feel that you’re not getting enough fiber from the foods you eat, then you can also take a dietary fiber supplement to fill the gaps. Faster digestion and metabolism means that the fats you intake doesn’t have to spend time in your belly.

2. Bottoms up

I wasn’t sure about this before I tried it out. I always thought that if I drink up a lot, then it will make me feel bloated. Aside from that, it makes me feel that my tummy is bigger after a full glass of water. I was wrong. I always get the feeling of being bloated because the water is trying to kick out that feeling inside my body. So, drink a lot of water, and you’ll see that as you go on day by day, you will not get the feeling of being bloated again.

3. Posture

Body posture plays a significant role. You may be thinking that sitting up straight or tucking your tummy in is just hiding the real score in your tummy but you are wrong. As you continue to have a good posture, the muscles in your body will follow. It will not just make you look like you have a flat tummy because it will be the truth

The three tips I have shared are the things that worked for me. Feel free to test it out and see the benefits yourself. There is nothing wrong with it, and there is nothing for you to lose. So, try it out.

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3 Best Home Remedies for Mending a Toothache

Have you ever encountered waking up in the midst of the night due to an excruciating pain because of a toothache? Do you remember those times when you can’t do anything but endure the pain since there is no doctor available right at that point unless you bring yourself to an emergency room? Check this information I have. There are home remedies that can ease the pain of your toothache if you’re caught up in a situation like that. These remedies are not just based on myths because it works.

1. Garlic


Garlic is more than just a cooking ingredient. It contains natural antibiotic that can lessen the pain. You can go ahead and chew at least two cloves of garlic to get rid of the pain. If you’re not comfortable eating it, you can crush a clove of garlic together with a table salt. Once it’s done, just apply it on the affected part, and you’re ready to go.

2. Onion


I’m not trying to give a food recipe, but yes, you read that right. Onions can help you get rid of a toothache due to the natural antimicrobial and antiseptic properties it contains. It will get rid of those germs that are worsening the infection that causes the pain. You just have to chew it for a few minutes or cut some and put it in your mouth. Onions can absorb bacteria real fast so you’ll be pain-free in a matter of few minutes.

3. Vanilla


Vanilla Extract is great for toothaches. If you have a vanilla extract at home, it’s like having anesthesia in your medicine cabinet. It helps you feel numb from the pain. It is a natural pain reliever whereas you don’t need any prescriptions. Just get a swab and dip it on the vanilla extract then rub it on the affected tooth.

Now that you know about those three magic remedies make sure you always have those three stocked up at your cupboard. You never know when your tooth will betray you. It is better if you are prepared.

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How Do You Improve Your Eyesight the Natural Way?

Our eyes are in fact an important part of our body. We can be very productive in our day to day activities with the help of a good eye sight. With that, we should take care of our eyes. We all know that as we age, our eyesight becomes weak. Let me give you some tips on you can improve your vision despite the fact that we tend to overuse it every day.

1. Eat


When I say eat, it doesn’t mean that you can just eat anything you want just for the sake that you’re eating. It is crucial that you eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals that help your eyes be healthy. It has been proven that eating yellow and green vegetables can be a great help with our eyes. Pumpkin and other green leafy vegetables are a few examples.

2. Give your eyes a break


It is imperative that we do not abuse our eyes. You need to make sure you get enough sleep because it will help you improve your eyesight. Lack of sleep or not getting enough sleep can weaken your eyes most especially when you’re working in an office that you have to sit in front of a computer for the whole day and read a lot of paper works. What you can do is rest your eyes for at least ten minutes every hour to make sure that your eyes are getting enough break from the strain.

3. Eyes Relaxation


You need to give your eyes the relaxation it deserves after all the hard work done. A simple massage in the temple can be beneficial to your eyesight. It is not too much if you can give your eyes more or less 20 minutes of massage from your forehead to the area around your eyes. It can help your muscles to relax and get a good blood flow to ensure a healthy eyesight.

Those are just simple steps that you can do without spending a dime to help you improve your eyesight. It is as a matter of fact beneficial for you.